Attractions in the Area
In the house you will find a few books about Tuscany and Italy in general, and can build trips according to your areas of interest. The books are for use of all our guests, so please treat them well and leave them in the house.
at the bottom of the mountain on which the house is built lies the beautiful town of Caprese Michelangelo, the birth town of the Renaissance artist Michelangelo. There you can see his birth house, the church he was christened in and a Museum with his works. You can find anything you need in the town – from a grocery to pharmacy and even one of the finest restaurants around.
(about 15 kilometers from the house) A picturesque town surrounded by a stoned wall, which is a beautiful sight at night when all the wall lights are up.
(about 40 kilometers from the house) A shopping area at almost any aspect, and still a place to visit for its architecture.
(about 78 kilometers from the house) A beautiful picturesque town known for its 14 towers that remained from the 74 that existed in the middle ages.
(about 80 kilometers from the house) Situated at the top of a mountain, this is the only separate republic within Italy. It is recommended to park the car in the parking lot and take the cable car to view the sights around.
(about 85 kilometers from the house) Castles, churches and many cathedrals are spread around the city together with many historical buildings.
(about 90 kilometers from the house) the capital of the Italian shores, one of the largest and most popular in Europe.
(about 90 kilometers from the house) capital of Umbria region. Apart from the beautiful historical sites and impressive fashion houses, Perugia is known for its chocolate and has a "Euro Chocolate Festival" in October, as well as many other festivals such as the International Jazz Festival in July.
(about 90 kilometers from the house) A natural resource and far from public locations, a dip in the water will leave you with a pleasant feeling and no sulfur smells that usually follow such experience.
(about 100 kilometers from the house) Undoubtedly one of the prettiest towns in Italy. 400 meters above ground and overlooking Umbria region, the town is known for being the birth place of Saint Francis that founded the Franciscan Order and that its relics and fresco paintings on his life exist in the Basilica San Francesco.

(about 100 kilometers from the house) the capital of Tuscany region and one of the prettiest cities in the world, Firenze lies on the Arno river and is considered the capital city of Italian art, the birth place of Rennaisance, and where many of the Italian artists were born, in Rennaisance and art in general, in fashion, architecture and sciences.
about 115 kilometers from the house) Heart and symbol of the city is its main piazza shaped as a fan, the Kampo, comprised of 9 parts which represent the council of nine that ran the city at its golden era in the 12-14th centuries. From the coffee places in the piazza you can see the city palace and the tower clock towering over it.
(about 148 kilometers from the house) City existing from the 3rd century B.C.  and its impressive duomo  from 1263 is one of the most beautiful gothic milestones you can see – on its external stones, internal frescos and vitrages.
Built on a mountain top overlooking the scenic valley, and only 15 minutes from the house, you will find a church carved in stone, with many frescos and art works, a special atmosphere and humble people in robes.